TRMS Trailblazer Leader

By being a TRMS Trailblazer Leader, students are helping to make TRMS a better and safer place. Students choose to become a part of this team because they are a role model for our incoming class of sixth graders to look to for guidance, support, and maybe most important of all, friendship. The goal of the Trailblazer Leaders Team is to get the 6th graders involved in TRMS whether it be sports, music, drama, or other school activities. These students volunteer their time at school events throughout the school year to show dedication in making TRMS the best school in St. Vrain.

The Trailblazer leaders strive towards displaying the three C’s of the Grizzly Team:

Connect- Be encouraging and be a friend.

Communicate- Be a good listener and be honest.

Celebrate- Be positive and share good news.


There are no upcoming events associated with this club.