August 29, 2014 - Weekly Parent Update

The students have done an amazing job starting this new school year. We are looking forward to a great year. If you have any questions, please contact the school office at  (720)494-3820. 

Enjoy the Holiday Weekend!

As a reminder, there is NO SCHOOL on Monday, September 1 due to Labor Day. 

Late Start Day

Our first Late Start Day is next Wednesday, September 3rd. Students will begin at 10:15am. School Breakfast will NOT be served on Late Start Days. 

Student Start Time

As a reminder, the instructional day begins promptly at 7:45am. The doors open for students at 7:35 and the first bell rings at 7:42.  

Digital Commons

The Digital Commons is officially open! Join us on Tuesday September 2nd from 9-10:00am or from 5:30-6:30pm for a coffee talk hosted by Kara Jostes. This will be an opportunity to share issues, concerns, or get questions answered regarding the student iPads. Please feel free to email Kara about iPad questions or concerns at anytime, 

Dress Code - Reminder!!

This past week was “amnesty week” for students in regard to dress code. We will be enforcing dress code beginning Sept 2. Please help us by monitoring what your student is wearing to school. Thank you for your help!We have met with the students and reminded them of the expectations for student dress code. Our expectation is that students come “dressed ready to learn and not ready to go hang out at the mall.” We appreciate the support of parents and guardians as we strive to improve our learning environment.These are some basic guidelines we have shared with students:•No hats in the building•Shoulders need to be covered. No bra straps, spaghetti straps, showing, as well asrazorback shirts in the back. You are allowed to wear a shrug, cardigan, etc over them.•No cleavage•No tummies or back showing when your hand is raised straight up. •No advertisements of illegal things including drugs, alcohol, or weapons. No gang-related symbols or accessories, vulgarity or profanity. •Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length when hands are straight down by their side. Leggings can be worn under short shorts and skirts as long as they are fingertip length.•No underwear showing - no sagging pants.•footwear must be worn at all times - no slippers, house shoes.If you have any additional questions, please contact our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Robinson @ 720-494-3820. 

Counselor’s Corner

Help your child avoid poor attendance Does attendance really matter? Studies show that there is a link between being in school and doing well; both academically and socially! Kids who miss school fall behind in their learning and they miss making social connections which help them to fit in. Both of these increase the chances that a student may drop out of school and not graduate. When your kiddo has a fever of 102 degrees or is throwing up, they need to stay home and focus on getting better. But sometimes kids miss school for things that can be easily avoided if you keep an eye out! Here are some of the top reasons for school absences, along with some ideas on how to avoid them: Child can’t get up – Yep, teenagers do need more sleep, but don’t let them sleep in to make up the sleep they missed while they chatted on their phone or iPad until midnight the night before. Make sure your kids have a “friends” and “screen time” curfew during the week, and that they are getting to bed at a decent time. Doctor’s appointments - Can your doctor see your student outside of school hours? How about weekends or school holidays? Student needs to help out at home – Many families rely on their older children to help take care of the younger. Some elementary schools offer morning day care, early breakfasts, or clubs for kids before school. Or, a younger child might be sick and you need emergency child care. Make a back up plan with other family members, neighbors or friends to help out. It’s not fair to your older kids to keep them at home and have them fall behind. Can’t get organized - Help your student get into the habit each night to prepare for their next school day. Remind them to pick and lay out their clothes, get their back packs together near the front door, and set up an iPad charging station near their back packs so they can grab what they need as they head out the next morning. 
 Student doesn’t want to go to school – Talk with your student and your school staff to see if there are issues that need to be resolved, but make it clear that your student is expected to go to school each day. Truancy in Middle School is just the beginning of other problems that can be avoided with good house rules. If absences or tardies are a problem with your teenager and you need help, please call the TRMS Counseling department for resources, support, or problem solving. We are here to help kids succeed!Marjie, Britt, & Jen 

Band, Choir & Orchestra

We've had a great start to the school year and are getting excited for our first concerts. Please remember to turn in your handbook form and pay for your student's shirt. Regular prices is $20, reduced lunch fee is $10, free lunch fee is $5. Payment no later than September 15. 

School Fees

Don’t forget to pay your student’s fees. You can visit the district website to make online payments. You can also submit your payments to the front office. Please contact us in the office if you have any questions @ 720-494-3820. 

Breakfast at TRMS

Begins at 7:15 every morning. Cost: $1.50 

Leadership St. Vrain

Leadership St. Vrain (LSV) is especially valuable for parents who want a solid foundation in the operations and management of our district. Over the course the year, they’ll learn about instructional programming, student services, finance, school safety, governance, legislation, and public participation among other topics. If you are interested in participating, please complete the online application. 

PTO News Short

Tuesday September 2, 2014! Learn more about your child's TRMS Experience5:30pm - Join Kara Jostes, STEM Coordinator, in the Digital Commons for the first iPad Coffee Talk.6:30pm - TRPTO will meet for the first time this school year. We will get a report from our principal and share other valuable information.*REMINDER: PLEASE TURN IN YOUR SPIRIT GEAR ORDERS TODAY*


Upcoming Events at Trail Ridge Middle School

Ø September 10, Volleyball game at Trail Ridge vs LyonsØ Picture Re-take Day September 30Ø Parent-Teacher Conference, 3-7:30 PM, September 30Ø Late Start Day, October 1Ø Parent-Teacher Conference, 3-7:30 PM, October 14Ø October 16, Parent-Teacher Conference from 3-7:30