On January 11th, 2016, Trail Ridge Middle School hosted a P-TECH Dinner catered by Las Palmeras.


St. Vrain Valley School District is one of two school districts in Colorado chosen to offer Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH). Through a partnership with IBM and Front Range Community College, current 8th graders/next year’s incoming freshmen, can take part in the P-TECH program which combines both high school and two year of community college to obtain their Associate’s degree.


St. Vrain Valley chosen as one of two school districts to offer P-TECH

St. Vrain Valley students soon will have the opportunity to graduate from high school with an associate degree, with the college classes paid for by the state.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education and the Colorado Department of Education announced Tuesday that St. Vrain was chosen as one of two districts in the state to offer a Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools, or P-TECH, program.

Trail Ridge and Westview middle schools recognized for technology innovation

Both Westview and Trail Ridge Middle School recently were recognized as Apple Distinguished Schools for innovating with Apple products. The designation is for two years. The two Longmont schools are among five recognized in Colorado, about 200 in the nation and about 300 total worldwide. St. Vrain's partnership with Apple is part of its four-year technology learning plan. The plan, funded through a 2012 mill levy override, allocates $2.2 million a year for all students in sixth through 12th grades to have their own iPad minis.

Homework Club

Homework Club is an opportunity for students to spend extra time after school in the Digital Commons completing homework. This is especially helpful for students who may not have an internet connection at home and can utilize the school wifi. Homework Club is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 3:00-3:30pm.

Counselor's Corner --- New Law Cyberbullying 9.11.15

How a cyberbullying law in Colorado was tweaked to be more effective



The Digital Commons had a fantastic year of PowerTALKS, our version of TEDtalks. We were able to solicit experts to donate their time and energy to come speak to our students. They spoke on a range of topics from empowering women to financial success to the power of video online and much more. We offered two different speaking sessions this year based on our lunch schedule. STEM classes and students at lunch were welcomed into the DC for a 20 minute talk followed by a Q+A session.

Parent Bulletin - May 15, 2015

Parent Events Calendar

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Report Cards

Final report cards will not be mailed home to the families. Parents can locate the grades on Infinite Campus, under reports. If you would like a paper copy of the final report card, please contact the office.


TRMS Taps into the Power of Digital Journalism

Journalism in our time has undergone a revolutionary shift – in particular from traditional print and broadcast delivery to an interactive digital format. Theoretically, anyone with a computer, Internet access, and some ability to attract attention can succeed at digital journalism. Many people have remarked, whether favorably and disparagingly, on the more democratic form of the new journalism, especially the communicative power now in the hands of people who are not formally trained in journalism.

That's One Small Step For An Egg, One Giant Leap For Eggkind!

What is STEM? SVVSD defines STEM as integration of all subjects, problem solving, 21st century skills, personalized learning and connections in and beyond their local lives. TRMS teachers teach STEM by carefully planning out Integrated STEM Plans, ISPs, for the school year.


The last ISP we finished in 6th grade science this year was a space challenge. The standards the students need to succeed at are:

Everyday Engineering: CU Teams

St. Vrain Valley School District has partnered with the University of Colorado at Boulder to incorporate authentic engineering into the classroom in a program called CU Teams. Engineering graduate students have the opportunity to pay for their school through teaching engineering lessons in K-12 public education.