Technology Tip of the Week - iCloud storage and backup overview

Article taken from Apple. com

iCloud storage and backup overview

When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get 5 GB of free storage. Your iCloud storage is used for iCloud Backup, app data and documents stored in iCloud, and iCloud Mail (your email account).

Counselors Corner

This post was adapted from the Washington Post article Are you raising nice kids? A Harvard psychologist gives 5 ways to raise them to be kind

The five strategies to raise moral, caring children, according to Making Caring Common:

1. Make caring for others a priority

Washington DC Travelers Meeting

I am hosting a meeting for the Washington DC Travelers on Thursday, January 22nd at 6:30 pm.  The purpose of the meeting is for the travelers to get to know one another and to assign some research for all the places we ill visit in DC and Williamsburg, VA.  Also, I'd like to continue to invite others to travel with us.  Sign up is still available.

Students can bring their parents if they wish, but ideally it is for student travelers.

-Ms. Garcia

January PowerTalk

Join us in the DC this month for a PowerTalk on January 7, 2015. The first talk will be from 10:48-11:28am. The second talk will take place from 11:30-11:58am.

Water As Clean As the USA’s Toilets

As we all know, water quality around the world is an important issue. There are many countries who don’t have clean water to drink while we have “clean” water in our toilets. Here at the St. Vrain Valley School district, our 6th graders have a curriculum unit focused on water circulation, distribution and pollution. My students were given a challenge this year that changed most of their lives forever.

December 19, 2014 - Parent Update

Parent Events Calendar

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Student Weekly Announcements

TRMS STEM broadcasting weekly video announcement.


TRMS Reacts to Hour of Code

TRMS Reacts to Hour of Code

Computers are everywhere, but fewer schools teach computer science than 10 years ago. Good news is, we’re on our way to change this. If you heard about the Hour of Code last year, you might know it made history. In one week, 15 million students tried computer science!

This is what Trail Ridge students had to say about Hour of Code.

Your iPad and Winter Break

We wanted to send you a five tips about iPad use and support over the holidays. We want to make sure you know where to go and what to do if you have questions or need help while our school offices are closed.


Full STEAM Ahead

How can STEM include art? Utilizing some of the most current technology the students at Trail Ridge Middle School are creating three-dimensional drawings and objects. The art department has focused their STEM integration on an advanced engineering program called Solidworks. The software allows the students to think and create in three dimensions. The students have been creating innovative designs that can alter the usage of a water bottle to help reduce waste and products that can help the students at TRMS.

Sixth Annual 8th Grade Readathon

Once again, it's Read-a-thon time.  

You are cordially invited to help promote literacy at TRMS by joining our 8th grade students in the annual Read-a-thon challenge:  to read at least 1,000 pages between Nov. 21 and April 3. See the rules below.

To track their progress, all 8th graders have decorated paper t-shirts. Each time a student completes 100 pages of reading, he/she moves the t-shirt marker from one station to the next.  Once students finish the goal, we add a ribbon to their markers and they keep going.