TRMS Taps into the Power of Digital Journalism

Journalism in our time has undergone a revolutionary shift – in particular from traditional print and broadcast delivery to an interactive digital format. Theoretically, anyone with a computer, Internet access, and some ability to attract attention can succeed at digital journalism. Many people have remarked, whether favorably and disparagingly, on the more democratic form of the new journalism, especially the communicative power now in the hands of people who are not formally trained in journalism.

That's One Small Step For An Egg, One Giant Leap For Eggkind!

What is STEM? SVVSD defines STEM as integration of all subjects, problem solving, 21st century skills, personalized learning and connections in and beyond their local lives. TRMS teachers teach STEM by carefully planning out Integrated STEM Plans, ISPs, for the school year.


The last ISP we finished in 6th grade science this year was a space challenge. The standards the students need to succeed at are:

Everyday Engineering: CU Teams

St. Vrain Valley School District has partnered with the University of Colorado at Boulder to incorporate authentic engineering into the classroom in a program called CU Teams. Engineering graduate students have the opportunity to pay for their school through teaching engineering lessons in K-12 public education.


International Telementoring Program

Over the school year, my honors class completed a special project with the International Telementoring Program. “The International Telementoring Program, ITP, provides real-world STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) opportunities for students and teachers while supporting work in other areas such as English, Geography, and the Arts. ITP also helps students, beginning in middle school, to develop solid education + career plans, create + leverage professional networks, and execute + refine these plans over multiple years.

Parent Bulletin - May 8, 2015

Parent Events Calendar
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Report Cards

Final report cards will not be mailed home to the families. Parents can locate the grades on Infinite Campus, under reports. If you would like a paper copy of the final report card, please contact the office.

Homework Club

TRMS iPad Collection FAQs

Here are some FAQ's when it comes to iPad collection at TRMS:

1. Are we going to be given the same iPad back next year?

Yes, but it will be wiped at collection. It will be like receiving a new iPad next year. We will have to go through the steps to step up your iPad next year so make sure you know your Apple ID.


Parent Bulletin - May 1, 2015

Parent Events Calendar

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PARRC Testing

Please click here to view the testing schedule. We thank you for your support.

Students should remember to:

  • Get plenty of rest the night before taking a test

  • Arrive to class on time

Wrestling Camp - Mr. Steele

Mr. Steele will be hosting a wrestling camp for all TRMS and SVVSD students over the summer. The camp will run from June 22nd - June 26th. Please talk to him or click here for more information.


2015 Wrestling Camp @ TRMS.pdf

Cookie Dough Delivery

The cookie dough will be coming in next Wednesday, April 29th!

Students that participated in the fundraiser need to pick up the cookie dough promptly after school so that it doesn't thaw. 

Also, if you are owed prizes for your sales, they will be available at that time.

The cookie dough tubs are pretty heavy, so please make arrangements for help and transportation if you think you will have difficulty getting it home on your own!  Thank you to all that participated, it was a big success!