November 14, 2014 - Weekly Parent Bulletin

Thanksgiving Break

We are quickly approaching the Thanksgiving Break, scheduled for November 24-28. School will resume on Monday, December 1. We hope everyone has the opportunity to relax and spend time with family.


Student Drinks

In an effort to keep our school clean we want students to finish their breakfast Starbucks or other drinks in the commons before going to 1st period. Students are always welcome to bring water to their classes.

Counselors Newsletter



Did you know that children are more likely to grow up healthy when they report doing at least one hour of homework every school day?  The most you may hear about homework from your child is that he or she hates it, doesn’t have any, or has too much of it the night before a test. But it’s more likely that your child is actually lacking in some essential homework skills.  Here are some quick ways to help support your child with their homework.


Organizational Skills

Young people need to develop ways to ensure that homework can be worked on successfully.  Help them to make a place in your home that is designated as a homework site.  Stock it with resources, such as dictionaries, computers, pencils, papers, and highlighters.


Time Management Skills

Help your child by setting a consistent time for them to study each day, Make sure they take needed breaks so they don’t feel overwhelmed, turn off the TV and eliminate distractions, and encourage them to get proper sleep.   If you know they have a big assignment or test coming up, help them to accurately project how long an assignment will take or how long they will need to study.  If your child doesn’t have homework, encourage them to use that time to read – keeping that time consistent is very important!


What you can do directly!


1. Plan dinner and other family events around your child’s homework schedule.


2. Meet your child in their homework site to review what homework they have to complete, check Infinite Campus for grades, and the teacher’s classroom website for additional instructions.


3. Encourage your child to study with other students when appropriate.  Set up a meeting at the public library or somewhere in your house and provide the needed transportation so the homework team can come together.


4.  Do your own homework (pay bills, answer emails, finish up work you took home.)  This models for your child the importance of a good, daily work ethic!


5.  Make a point to look over your child’s finished homework.  Show them what they need to correct or re-read so that are ready for the test, ready to turn in an assignment, or ready to start on the next piece of their homework.  (This is also a great time for them to talk to you about their day!)


Helping your child with homework may be difficult for some parents.  If it isn’t easy for you, try anyway. You don’t have to teach your child the answer - the important thing is for your child to learn how to find the answer. If they watch you learn, they learn, too.   Don’t be afraid to talk with teachers if your child seems to be getting more homework than he or she can handle!  Everyone at TRMS wants your child to succeed and we encourage you to contact us if you need help!


Mrs. Nagy, Ms. Britt, Ms. K, and Mr. Steele


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Technology Tip of the Week

Are you having trouble with your iPad? Fill out a Geek Squad form and they will dispatch help out to you the next school day. Fill out the form here.


Coffee Talks - Past Agendas

Are you struggling with iPads? Do you feel like your child knows more than you do? Do you have questions about security, digital footprints, usage, etc? Do you just want to talk with other parents about iPad issues at home? Come join us at TRMS for our monthly coffee talk hosted by Kara Jostes, Our next meeting will be held on 12/02/14 from 5:30-6:30pm (no morning meeting this month).