Parent Bulletin - April 3, 2015

Dear Trail Ridge Families,

I want to inform you of an incident that occurred in our neighborhood.

After-school on Monday, March 30, a Trail Ridge student was hit by a car west of the school while walking home. Though the student sustained multiple injuries, she is currently recovering and is expecting to make a full recovery.

Please take this opportunity to speak with your student about proper pedestrian procedures, such as walking on sidewalks, crossing the street only at crosswalks and paying full attention to their surroundings when close to traffic.

As a reminder to drivers, with warmer weather, spring break and summer quickly approaching, more students will be active and outside in our communities.

I have asked our School Resource Officer to request additional patrols by the Longmont Police Department during school arrival and dismissal times to assist in alleviating any concerns.

Finally, I want to commend two eighth grade students, Natasha Read and Brianna Kallas, who witnessed the incident and acted quickly by calling 911. Their actions helped bring a quick and safe resolution to this situation.

We appreciate your support in helping make sure that all students are safe.

Mr. Cloke

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***Spring Break is next week, April 6-10***

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Dress Code

It's getting warmer and that means clothing choices are changing. Please review our dress code policy and come to school dressed to learn.

  • No hats worn in the building

  • Shoulders must be covered with no straps showing, or you can wear a cardigan over the straps.

  • No advertisements of alcohol, tobacco, weapons, or drugs on any apparel.

  • No profanity or vulgarity

  • No mid-drifts, tummy or back should not be showing when you raise your hand straight up.

  • No sagging pants

  • No gang related apparel/accessories

  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must come down to fingertip length when your arms are straight down to your side, or you can wear tights under apparel that come to fingertip length.  

  • Proper footwear at all times

If you are in violation of the dress code, you will have 2 choices. You may call home for someone to come bring you another set of clothes, or a pe uniform will be provided for you.  The goal is to get you back in class as soon as possible. If clothes can not be brought to you within 30 minutes, you will need to wear the pe uniform.

IMPORTANT: Notice to all families and students of Trail Ridge Middle School

Trail Ridge Middle School would like our families to know that we appreciate the efforts of so many of you in helping us to provide support for our TRMS  students who may be struggling with mental health issues. Should you come in contact with a student who is texting, posting, or talking about harming themselves, or others, it is imperative to follow through with support for them by contacting the school administration during school hours, or 911 immediately.  TRMS has also installed on your student’s iPad a SAFE 2 TELL app where you or your student can anonymously report your concerns, which will be followed up with the appropriate authority within minutes of your submission.  

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep all of our children safe, and we appreciate your partnering with us in this endeavor.  Please feel free to contact an administrator if you have any questions.

PARRC Testing

Please click here to view the testing schedule. We thank you for your support.

Students should remember to:

  • Get plenty of rest the night before taking a test

  • Arrive to class on time

  • Avoid missing school during the testing window

  • Follow their normal daily schedule Bring a book with them to read

  • Always do their best!

  • Electronic devices (cell phones, iPads) will not be allowed in testing rooms.

Click here to see a message from Mr. Cloke.


STEM Summer Academy

Our 2015 STEM Summer Academy course descriptions have been released. We have some very exciting courses available and each course has a student takeaway. TRMS students receive a prorated registration rate of $50 per course! Registration is open for Trail Ridge students only. On April 13, registration will open to all SVVSD students. Registration and payment will be taken directly online (we suggest using Firefox as a browser when registering).

The Fun Run is Coming

The Fun Run will take place on Thursday, May 21, 2015. All TRMS students received a permission slip for participation and shirt size. Remember, participation in the Fun Run is open to families. We are also looking for volunteers. Click here to see more information.


5th Grade Step Up Night

5th Grade Step Up Night is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14 from 6PM – 7PM.  Doors will open at 5:45PM.  This is an informal setting where you can meet & greet teachers and tour the building. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the counseling school office at (720)494-3825.

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Upcoming Community/District Events

Track meet changed to April 14th

5th Grade Step Up Night, Tuesday April 14th
SVVSD Art Show, April 16th
1st Annual Youth of Earth Festival, April 22nd
Camp iPad for Parents, April 23rd
Recycling Poster Contest, Open until April 27th

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