Tech Fair - Discover. Innovate. Achieve.

Presented by the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley for
St. Vrain Valley School District students, this annual Fair provides the opportunity for students to showcase high quality research projects that offer technology-based solutions to real world problems. Take a thorough look at this website to see how you and your fellow students can participate.

At the 2013 Fair, more than 350 visitors and the 17 judges were very impressed by 60+ projects focusing on subjects from robots to help senior citizens with everyday tasks to the impacts of the sun on your eye to ways to reduce sugar intake in your diet. The projects ranged from what might be considered hard science to just plain fun.

Students across all grade levels designed their own projects to look at ways to solve real world problems and answer important questions with the use of technology.

Second year judge Dionne Deschenne, Chief Operating Officer of the Natural Living Institute, commented that “once again many of the projects at the Fair were more advanced than those I see from college students.”


Important Dates

September 1, 2014
Online Registration Form Available

March 15, 2015
Online Registration Form Due

April 17, 2015
Team Presentation Set-up

April 18, 2015
Technology Fair

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