TRMS iPad Collection FAQs

Here are some FAQ's when it comes to iPad collection at TRMS:

1. Are we going to be given the same iPad back next year?

Yes, but it will be wiped at collection. It will be like receiving a new iPad next year. We will have to go through the steps to step up your iPad next year so make sure you know your Apple ID.


2. What if I lost my charger?

Your box charger and cable charger fines will be assessed when you leave TRMS as an 8th grader. We will make note if you do not turn in your box or cable this year. We encourage you to buy one in the school store before May 8th. We also advise against buying cheaper versions at different stores. If you use chargers that are not Apple approved they can cause hardware issues that will cost more money in the end.


3. What if I lost my case stand?

You will be charged $6.50 or you can buy one in the school store by May 8th.


4. What if I lost the flap that covers the camera?

Camera, charging, and headphone flaps will not be charged if missing. If your homescreen button is missing you will need to purchase a new case by May 8th. Your screen protector must stay on your case or you will have to buy a new case by May 8th.


5. How do I get my pictures off of my iPad?

Go Here, same link that is in the iPad video and on the TRMS website.


6. Will I lose all the data that is with my Apps - specifically, I am worried about my scores on my gaming apps.
Yes, part of the reason we are wiping the iPads is to start fresh next year. Games can and will be deleted by teachers at their discrepancy next year. The iPads belong to SVVSD and are a learning device. If games become a distraction and interrupt learning they will be removed next year. We suggest keeping your gaming to your personal devices to save your data.


More about iPad Collection HERE.


Do you have other questions? Please stop by the Digital Commons, email Elizabeth Weidner at, or email Kara Jostes at