Cara Luchies

Hi! This is my fourth year teaching amazingly bilingual (some trinlingual) kids at TRMS, and I love the kids I get to teach! I grew up in Michigan and attended Hope College (BA in English/Biology) and Eastern Michigan University (Secondary Teacher Certification), moved to California for my first teaching job at a wilderness/snowboarding academy in 1998. I then moved to Longmont in 1999 and began teaching in SVVSD and completed my MA in Bilingual Education at CU. I am married to a fellow middle school shop and technology teacher, I have two spunky little girls, a dog named Louie, a sixteen year old cat named Chobe, and five chickens. When I'm not at school you can find me outside with my family--hiking, biking, snowboarding, gardening, and sleeping in our pop up camper--and I've a slight obsession with traveling the world (I've been to five continents) and sharing those travels with my family.

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