“Create things you wish existed.” -Ashley K, 6th Grader

This is a very special blog about an amazing project completed by Ashley K. In my class, the first design challenge was about natural resources. Here is a link to the challenge:


Climate: The Hot Topic

Through the Race to the Top grant and the Department of Education, Anna Mills designed a STEM project for her students to complete. You can find the project here. Please read on to discover how working through the design thinking process while instructing using grade level standards results in high level student engagement and understanding.

There is No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothes

Do you ever think about the implications that weather has on city events or your own personal safety? Weather affects our daily activity and lifestyles therefore it is of high importance. Weather objectives that 6th grade students need to meet are:

1. Differentiate between basic and severe weather conditions, and develop an appropriate action plan for personal safety and the safety of others (3.1.a)8

2. Use models to develop and communicate a weather prediction (3.1.c)8

Where in the World?

Geography club will meet on Fridays, from 3-4pm in the Digital Commons Mac Lab.

We have over 35 students registered for the club. This is the most interest we have had in all the years of Geography club! At the last two Geography Bees, even with a limited number of participants, we won and were runner ups respectively.

Parent Bulletin - January 16, 2015

Parent Events Calendar

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***No School on Monday, January 19th in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr Day.***


Open Enrollment for 2015-2016 school year

Trail Ridge Middle School will be accepting open enrollment applications for the 2015-2016 school year. For information and specifics please visit the St. Vrain Valley School District Enrollment page.


Exploring the World Phenomena with Scientists

Teachers around the world hear questions from their students such as, “Why does this matter?” or “Why should I care?” Earth Explorers, a STEM enrichment course at Trail Ridge, answers these questions directly through quality programming and exciting opportunities for students. We bring scientists into the classroom and they conduct experiments with our 6th graders that are related to their professional research. (There is a 7th and 8th grade class of Earth Explorers at Trail Ridge as well with a slightly different format).

Water As Clean As the USA’s Toilets

As we all know, water quality around the world is an important issue. There are many countries who don’t have clean water to drink while we have “clean” water in our toilets. Here at the St. Vrain Valley School district, our 6th graders have a curriculum unit focused on water circulation, distribution and pollution. My students were given a challenge this year that changed most of their lives forever.