Design Thinking Teacher Training - free resources!

Recently, Timberline and Trail Ridge STEM Coordinators held a two hour Design Thinking training for any teachers in the Skyline feeder system. Please read on to find out more about our training.



STEM Enrichment Registration

All 7th and 8th grade students will be open enrolling in STEM enrichment courses starting Friday, Novemeber 7th. This presentation was given to all 7th and 8th grade students during electives classes on Friday. At 3:00pm on November 7th, this Google Form will be open for registration.

Anatomy in Clay

Anatomy in Clay is all about opening our students’ eyes to how amazing our bodies truly are.  “How can all of this stuff fit in here?” is a question I have been asked this fall. These organs don't just fit; most perform their functions without us even thinking about what they are doing.  

The International Telementor Program (ITP)

The International Telementor Program (ITP) facilitates electronic mentoring relationships between professional adults and students worldwide, and is recognized as the leader in the field of academic based mentoring. Since 1995 over 46,000 students throughout eleven countries have received support, encouragement, and professional guidance. ITP serves students in K-12 and home school environments as well as college and university settings.

CU Fellows

Trail Ridge has the privilege of working with amazing graduate students at the University of Colorado's College of Engineering. Through the CU Teams program, graduate students and PhD candidates in CU's College of Engineering spend time working with our teachers and students to develop rigorous, experiential learning opportunities around the graduates' areas of specialty.

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking, as a process, exists in many different forms all over the world. Engineers use a detailed form of the design thinking process to tackle professional issues and identify areas for future growth. Businesses use design thinking to solve social, entrepeneurial, and financial issues. Designers use design thinking to create new, inspired products for a wide variety of end users.

Digital Commons Events

The Digital Commons is up and running! It has plenty to offer, see the list below. If you have any questions please contact or

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DC Powertime 7:00-7:40am

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